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What I decided when I created the idea of a piece of experimental noise release was the act of sacrificing. To this act – to offer and give away a sacrifice – is something so fascistic and masochistic. But on that point you have to understand: I do not mean the practical a mothers sacrifice for her child for example or to give up something for someone (real). The sacrifice – read the title of this release again – I mean is the religious and ideological sacrifice. It is a rite, so it refers to something ancient, something that was done in the time of myth, something really barbaric.

The sacrifice needs someone who hurts or harms her/his wealth in any possible way (wealth is meant to be everything: health, possession, etc.) which is an really masochistic act, because after the harming there is a moment of catharsis, a moment of lust. The one who sacrificed feels good about her/his loss in consideration of the benevolence of the greater good (I prefer the Symbolic or better The Great Other in reference to Lacan). She/he receives a feeling of luck from 'god'.

If you negate the existence of something like god, you will understand better how masochistic an sacrifice is. Without a real greater entity, the one and only goal of a sacrifice is that the sacrificer experiences the good feeling in the end. It does not even matter why someone is sacrificing. Even if one sacrifices for the health of his sick family or for world peace, one does sacrifice for her/his own delight.

There is also a sadistic way of sacrificing: to offer and give away the wealth of other people which means their harm. It consists of the aforementioned elements. There is a sacrifice made – something destroyed – for the blessing of something greater, non-human. At least the sacrificer feels good about his action, so he feels good about the loss of the one he forced to sacrifice. In a perverted way, the forced one also will feel good about his harm and it turns out that sacrificing has something inherent which – as we will see – is something we will find in capitalism also.

Sacrificing is the capitalist mode of spiritism which makes it institutional and a religion.

But why I do write something unmystical, something so anti-mystic in relation within the occult association you get, when you hear this piece of nonmusic-music combined with the title 'ALTAR'? Because I want to show you that the things we associate in normal ways seem to be something different to what we can call their real being.

I did ALTAR as a Bedeutungsträger (the german language is able to work out some words better, I think, than english), as the bearer of the meaning of something (although, in german, most people don't get the difference between Bedeutung and Sinn; the english equivalent is just meaning). ALTAR is just something, a thing, a commodity maybe, it does not mean anything at all to me, especially in its production - I did not do something special, really, it is just sitting in front of your computer and making noise. But now, as I gave this what I have recorded a title, as it appears at something you can read and hold in your hands and listen to it and I wrote this essay with a very bold thesis in the middle, you associate a real meaning into it. But it is nothing. Just like the thoughts, people sacrifice to. But it is also not a joke. This is an ALTAR.

March, 2015 - Ravachol


released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


AETHER Munich, Germany

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