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See ANOMALIA with film pieces of Hans Richters Rhythmus 21 and Rhythmus 23:

A Pamphlet On Electronica Black Metal

As it is Aethers deepest meaning to destroy the dogmata of common encrusted Black Metal and to shock conservative members of this kind of scene or 'culture', I decided to do the step forward and mix up electronical danceable percussive elements and monotonous atmospheric accord shredding. So, in perspective of Black Metal this is an anomaly – ANOMALIA.

This first piece of the new making seemed to start very critical for me, because I didn't had any knowledge in how you write electronica. Furthermore I started to record that breathtaking Black Metal parts to state that they were three-four time. I learned about the speed and heard a lot of minimal, electro and that stuff to let me inspirate. Thus you can say ANOMALIA is an etude on how you can handle and form strict Black Metal media just like ALTAR was an etude on how fragmentary Black Metal can shift the sound and feeling when it is compared to gentle noise and drone.

I needed to change the whole thing three or four times. That time it was too profound, then it sounded too trivial and commercial. When I heard this last ANOMALIA for the first time complete I was stoked. I never heard anything like that and I couldn't find anything like that. I don't know and I don't care if I created something new, but what ANOMALIA is seems to me to be something more.

What can ANOMALIA mean? How does this sound work? As it takes Black Metal to the more percussive past, I would say to the influence of danceable Punk, the whole aspect about ANOMALIA gets an new and old attitude at once. Without that corny mystified pagan, satanic, and nihilistic shit, ANOMALIA is something danceable, something you can physical participate without loosing the associations, the feeling of Black Metal – the boredom, the regress, the suppression, the psychotic. ANOMALIA opens a shelter for those who see innovation lost. It tries to express Black Metal today, as something, that is in fact electronical, digital and reproducible. The monotonous percussion of blast beats are replaced with monotonous alternating beats on a medium speed. The monotonous shredding becomes a sample, a loop. Black Metal definitely arrived in today without being sticked to a elapsed past, as something that doesn't really fit in.

Ravachol, 02/2016


released February 22, 2016



all rights reserved


AETHER Munich, Germany

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